Frequently asked questions

Art Class FAQ's

Are classes made up of specific age groups?

Each class is made up of multiple age groups which may include youth and adults. We are cautious; however, when building our classroom student body, adults are placed with more mature youth and teens while our younger students are placed in an age appropriate class with similar maturity levels. This allows adults to attend a class that fits into their work schedule. It also allows our younger students to feel more comfortable in a group of their peers.

When is my monthly tuition Due?

Tuition is due and payable by the last class of each prior month. There is a short grace period; however, if the tuition remains unpaid at midnight the last day of the month, the student runs the risk of losing their seat in class. If the tuition is paid after midnight the last day of the month, there is a $35 late fee that will be assessed. The student will not be admitted to class until tuition and late fee have been satisfied.

Is there a free trial class available for new students?

No. We apologize, but we are unable to offer free trial classes.

Are their future plans to reopen Aurora Images Art & Photography studio as a permanent storefront location?

Due to Covid-19 in 2020, the Aurora Images Studio storefront location was closed and went to a virtual format. We are seeking alternatives to resume in person classes when it is once again safe to do so. In the meantime, we are developing outdoor class formats that will allow us to safely gather to create. We will keep everyone posted as these opportunities develop.

What if I want an Art Class that focuses on a single medium?

Students learn at their own pace and are free to explore as many mediums, art movements, techniques and applications as they wish. We start everyone out with drawing skills to evaluate natural skill level. Once the initial drawing project is completed, we ask students to advance into a simple watercolor class to evaluate their painting skills. From there, the whole world of art opens up. If the student prefers to focus their attention on a specific medium, technique or application they are encouraged to do so for as long as they desire; however, we do encourage students to explore in order to find their perfect niche.

Photography FAQ's

What if I want a session that is longer than 30 minites?

We are happy to extend the length of your session for an additional fee.

What if I want a wardrobe change with my session?

Your 30 minute mini session fee can include one (1) wardrobe change but will limit the number of images you will have to select from. It is recommended that wardrobe changes be scheduled with a separate session fee.

Will you travel to my location for my session?

Travel is limited to an 8 mile radius. We have several unique outdoor locations and we have two indoor locations we frequently use for our portrait sessions, but we are open to review any new location suggestions.

Do you offer Newborn Sessions?

No. We are happy to refer you to another qualified Photographer for these services.

Do you offer Wedding Photography?

No. We do offer couples sessions for your wedding announcements and Creative Photography for the pre wedding images, but we do not offer wedding packages. We will be happy to refer you to another photographer who specializes in wedding photography for your special day.

What edits do you offer with the mini session fee?

We provide basic edits only with your session fee. Any customized or additional edits requested by the client will be done at an additional fee for service.

Will I be able to purchase additional prints or digital images?

Yes. Additional images are available for purchase in a wide variety of sizes. Digital images with an accompanying photographer release are also available for purchase.